Helping a family member or friend?

You have been sent a link to this questionnaire because one of our clients, or one of our clients’ family members, have thought that you may be able to provide evidence in support of their efforts to be allowed to remain in Australia.

We have created this questionnaire to make it easier for you to provide evidence in support our client’s case. The questionnaire can be completed online below. After you submit the questionnaire you will be emailed a copy of your answers, together with a draft statutory declaration confirming that your answers are true and accurate.

If you have any difficulties for this online form, please contact us by phone on 1300 148 652 or by email at

Providing your signed statutory declaration

While we appreciate that signing a statutory declaration in front of a qualified witness (a list of qualified witnesses can be found here) and sending a copy to our firm may be inconvenient, the decision maker deciding our client’s case will give your answers much more weight if they are supported by a signed statutory declaration.

Copies of signed statutory declarations and questionnaires can be:

If you send us a copy of your signed documents by email, fax or upload, we do not require you to mail us the original.

Online Enquiry Form

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